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To submit original work to an SAE Scholarly Journal, please see the Calls for Papers and select the appropriate journal that you wish to submit to for consideration.

SAE Technical Papers - Open Call for Content

There is now a new process for authors of SAE technical papers who are either unable to attend an event or wish their work not be ascribed to a particular event. To submit such original work, select the appropriate category below:

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SAE International's technical paper publishing process follows these steps. Clicking each box will direct you to the appropriate resources:

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Submit an Abstract

The abstract is what readers review first in order to decide whether the paper is relevant to their work and whether the paper deserves further study. The abstract should provide clear and concise statements on the contents of the paper. It should contain information on what the work is about; how the work is different from other previously-published, related work; a brief discussion on the novelty of the work; the methodology that has been followed; and the theory that has been used to complete the work. The abstract is a self-standing document and should not include references, footnotes, figures (or references to them), or tables (or references to them). It should include brief findings, solutions, impacts, and concluding remarks of the work. The abstract should be written in one paragraph and it should be less than 250 words.

Submit your Manuscript

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  • Uploading your Revised Review Ready Manuscript
    • To streamline the process for the second round of reviews please include a written response to each of the reviewers' comments explaining what changes have been made or, if a change was not made, justifying why it was not addressed. This "rebuttal" should be attached as additional pages to the end of the revised draft. With these comments the second round of reviews should go quickly.

Prepare your Presentation

For SAE Congresses and Conferences, audiences are looking for engaging presentations that help convey the technology listed in your paper. They are looking for critical information and images that help the presenter share their story about the technology. They no longer wish to read slides or have slides which have so much text that the author feels compelled to read them. Those details should be in the notes section as references to help the presenter share their information. Key points and ideas are what the slide should focus on and the speaker should fill in the rest with verbal information. To help assist you, we have a video on building a good technical presentation – Remember Technology not Communicated is Technology Not Done.

For SAE Congresses and Conferences, draft presentations are due to be uploaded in MyTechZone 3 weeks prior to the start date of the event. Oral only presentations are due to be uploaded 6 weeks prior to the event. Final presentations must be uploaded to MyTechZone one day prior to the start date of the session and brought with you on a memory stick on-site. Organizers and session chairs are responsible for reviewing draft presentations in order to ensure presentations are void of commercialism and are the proper length.

* This is a .pdf file. You'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.