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Handling Resubmitted Rejected Paper Offers

Policy for the SAE Engineering Meetings Board for Handling of Resubmitted Rejected Paper Offers

In the interest of improving the quality of the technical program, the SAE Engineering Meetings Board (EMB) has implemented the following policy:

Paper offers whose drafts or abstracts were previously rejected due to any factor excluding pertinence to the session topic cannot be resubmitted for another conference or another session topic within the same conference unless the original organizer approves the paper offer.

The resubmitted paper offer, in draft manuscript form, must successfully address the original concerns of all reviewers who rejected the draft manuscript. Upon the approval of the original organizer and reviewers, the resubmitted paper can be considered for another session or another conference within the SAE structure.

If the original organizer is not available to complete the tasks assigned by this policy, the revised draft is to be reviewed by the committee chair.